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Best Mini Bar Cocktails

Getting ready to go out on a Friday night? Need to relax after a full day of meetings? There’s a cocktail for that.

When you’re staying at your favorite boutique hotel, you don’t have to go far to get all the ingredients for some delicious drinks. Dip into the mini bar in your room for everything you need to start your morning with a refreshing cocktail or end your day with a soothing nightcap.

Try one (or some) of these cocktails during your next stay at Hotel Goodwin.

Start your day with

Bloody Mary = Zing Zang + Tito's

Screwdriver = OJ + Tito's

Beermosa = OJ + Spotted Cow

Bloody Mary = Zing Zang + Tito's

Mimosa - Sparkling wine + OJ

Bailey's Irish Coffee = Baileys + Coffee

Sip on some classics

Vodka Soda = Tito’s + Soda Water

Vodka Tonic = Tito’s + Tonic Water

Tequila Soda = Patron + Soda Water

Rum and Coke = Bacardi + Coke

Rum and Diet = Rum + Diet Coke

Whiskey Coke = Jack Daniel’s + Coke (or Diet Coke)

Try something different

White Claw + Tito’s

Once you’ve finished your morning cocktail or post-work drink, head upstairs to The Rooftop to indulge in craft cocktails while taking in views of downtown Beloit from above. Not in the mood for a cocktail? Make your way down to Velvet Buffalo for the best selection of wine in the area.


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