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5 Things NOT to do When Planning Your Rehearsal Dinner

There’s a reason that rehearsal dinners are affectionately known as the “party before the party.” It’s the kickoff to your wedding weekend and the perfect opportunity for friends and family to mix, mingle and connect before the craziness of the wedding day ensues.

As you’re gathering all the inspo you can from your favorite bridal magazines and Instagram influencers, don’t forget to give your rehearsal dinner some love and attention. We’re sharing our favorite tips for what you should–or shouldn't–do when planning a picture-perfect rehearsal dinner.

Don’t delay booking

You want to reserve the space for your rehearsal dinner ASAP. Chances are, you’ll have a decent-sized group, which can make getting a table at a restaurant immediately after walking in difficult. Avoid the hiccup (and headache) and book your spot as early as you can!

Don’t forget about the playlist

What’s a party without music? Grab your future Mr. or Mrs. and create the playlist you want to hear at your rehearsal dinner! We recommend adding some catchy love tunes, like “For Once In My Life” by Stevie Wonder and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen, but there are really no wrong choices.

Don’t make the night all about rehearsing

Though you should spend some time running over the events of your wedding day, the rehearsal dinner should ultimately be about celebrating with your friends and families. You don’t want your night to feel like a business meeting, so leave the rehearsal at the ceremony venue and start the party at the dinner!

Don’t only include your bridal party

Your rehearsal dinner is the time to thank all the people who have helped you get down the aisle. In addition to the bridal party, include your parents, grandparents, officiant, other friends and relatives, etc. You should also invite your out-of-town guests to thank them for making the trip. (Remember: Out-of-towners might not be able to attend if the rehearsal dinner is a few days before the wedding.)

Don’t let the party last all night

This is especially important if your rehearsal dinner falls on the night before your wedding! You don’t want to be exhausted (or hungover) for your wedding day. End the night by 10:30 at the latest and get your beauty sleep!


Need a place to hold your rehearsal dinner?

We may know a place… The Rooftop at Hotel Goodwin is the perfect spot to celebrate! Stunning views of downtown Beloit and delicious food for you and your guests to enjoy. Doesn’t get much better than that!


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